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It takes a very special person to become a volunteer, but volunteers need to look after themselves as well

Click here to see a video with helpful tips on how to keep safe whilst helping others at this time

navca, volunteering organisations

Here is where you can access individual voluntary organisations across the country

NAVCA members are at the forefront of local voluntary and community action. They support 200,000 local charities and voluntary groups across England, …

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Employment Jobs Training

Find Job vacancies, Training, Employment advice, Education courses

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Sarah Smith - Transgender Issues

Scary times for trans people “The Trans Persecution Bill: The ultimate silencing of trans people Rose Gold Jun 15 It will not have escaped the attention of many that the consultation on trans equality, which was 70% in favour of trans people’s equality, but was then… 

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Stephen Kearney - Fleeing the plague - My flight from COVID

Stephen Kearney describes how he had to run from home to seek sanctuary from the dreaded plague as total fear gripped the great city of London in the year of 2020 AD ……..

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Promoting Good Mental Health

                Let’s Talk about Mental Health

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Click here to see our list of Therapists if you feel that you would like to talk to a Counsellor during this time
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Pets hub

Click here for news and updates on caring for our pets

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Scope charity for disabled people

Feel good! Become a Scope volunteer today

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Special feature – Ruby Wax talks about good mental health 

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Let’s talk about mental health

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Coffee club

If you love coffee, join the the club

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Click here to connect with your local authorities, charities and services

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Gardeners' Club

Click here to get information on gardening ideas

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Disability matters

Click here to get information on disability matters

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Arts and Crafts

Click here to join in with arts and crafts.

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Neat ideas for the home

Learn how to use really good ideas at home to save money
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Inspiration hub

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be inspired by poetry and messages
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Grandparent hub

Join our grandparents hub. have discussions share your experience of grandparenting

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News Hub

Keep up with the worldwide news from the hub Read More

Card Games

Play online Card Games Read More

Legal Hub

Legal information
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Photo Hub

Join our photography club today!

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Music – online music, videos and other entertainment

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Art Hub

Explore the world of art in this hub Read More

Exercise for the over 50s


This is a good time, whilst we’re all at home to keep fit and energised. We hope this exercise video will help

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Enjoying the 50 plus moment

*Poetry for the week*

5 hours ago

George Benson at his best ... See MoreSee Less
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16 hours ago

I hope you don't mind everyone, but I have a question and this is based on a conversation that I had with some friends about the vaccination and the quandary that some people are in, including experienced and valuable Doctors/Consultants in the NHS about their personal choice about whether to take the vaccination or not. These people have made their personal choices and as a result might lose their jobs in the NHS, which will be a great blow to us as a nation, considering that we are crying out for professionals in this area.My question is this: On the basis that you can still catch the virus if you are vaccinated, which therefore means that as a vaccinated person, by the mere fact that you can catch the virus, you can pass it on to other people. Therefore, if you are a patient in hospital what would you prefer?1 - to be treated by a vaccinated doctor knowing that they can pass the virus on to you?Or 2, to make sure that that Doctors and all NHS staff, care workers, have a test before they come to work to make sure that they don't have the virus and on that basis you know for sure that you're not going to catch it from them.For me, this is clear cut. So why are we insisting that they should all be vaccinated at the cost of compromising our NHS even further, by losing valuable healthcare workers?And what does it say about our future if this becomes the law that being vaccinated is mandatory? ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Lolll. Who remembers Barabra Cartland? ... See MoreSee Less
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Basics of wine tasting

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Gardening tips

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7 recipes you can have ready in 5 minutes

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The Beat Radio Show

Barrie interviews Ann Mitchell well known for her roles in Eastenders, Call The Midwife, Widows and many TV shows.

Albums of the week - double click on the video to open u tube, so you can continue scrolling through the site, whilst listening to your favourite music



Rainer Hersch – The funniest classical orchestra ever

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Memory lane with Robert Palmer

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Week of jazz

Al Jarreau – Take five

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Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

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Carole King – You’ve got a friend

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A tribute – Burt Bacharach

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