Shaw trust - aim 4 Work

Aim4Work is a voluntary employability programme for unemployed, vulnerable adults over 25 years of age (on or not on benefits) who have conditions such as stress and anxiety, including social anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD or other similar conditions. In many cases, these people feel a huge disconnect with employment and would benefit from a new focus and wellbeing outcome. We offer 1-1 support on the programme (and access to many helpful interventions) which can last anything up to nine months plus six months of in-work support when the employment outcome is achieved. As an IPS (Individual Placement Support) programme, we are very person-centred and simply require that the participant wants employment and is not currently doing any paid work, including a zero hour contract.  


If you’d like to know more, I’d be more than happy to help: E: M: 07970 366257. I can also refer you to the programme after our call – or if you’d prefer to refer yourself, the number is 0800 389 0177 and one of our very nice referral coordinators will take your call.

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