Mother Spider is taking care of me

Jung said that the earliest dream you remember can foreshadow the pattern of your whole life, or at least the first part of it. My first remembered dream is from when I was about 4, and soldiers were attacking our house from the rear. They climbed up onto the conservatory and approached my bedroom window. One of them threw a bomb at me – like a yellow grenade – and it hit me on the nose. I woke up with my nose itching.
This dream describes the assault on who I was – my security in who I was – from an early age by my parents’ needs and fantasies, and later by the boarding school system. They did a good job. I grew up very concealed from myself. I was colonised by an invading army.
I have 3 house spiders who have recently come to live with me. How they got behind the secondary glazing I do not know. This is me consciously spinning my own webs and connections, that reach far into this world and the other world, instead of being part of the unconscious webs of others, that do not connect and enchant, but entrap. As for the flies, they are my tormenting shadow elements that are transformed by being held in this otherworldly web. Mother Spider is taking care of me.
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