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It's been some time since I wore a mask. To start with, it was a bit of a leap. Now it seems entirely natural. The shop assistants, barefaced, are necessarily complicit. It's not a big deal. No one has said anything, though I am usually the only one. In the pub/restaurant tonight, I asked the waitress to take off her mask, and she was delighted to do so. (A missed opportunity on my part?) You get to know yourself in these circumstances.
This is England, where we are ambivalent about rules, and reluctant to say what we think. Both of these traits work in my favour. But above all, I have had enough of this 'lockdown' and its climate of fear. The other night I watched a comedy, 'The Birdcage', with some friends, and we laughed, and we realised there has been so little laughter for months.
I am glad the schools and universities are going back. There have only been 350k cases of Covid in the UK, we need millions if we are to reach herd immunity and bring this thing to an end. Not that it was that dangerous in the first place, just nasty. So schools and unis might produce the necessary spikes.
There is no conspiracy of control for its own sake going on. Just a government that probably thinks a bit like I do, but can't afford to look like it doesn't care, even though the long-term costs in economic hardship and all that goes with that will probably be enormous. The government will get the blame for that too, but that is what governments are for.
Posted : September 8, 2020 9:56 am
October 2020

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