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Linda Evans - Maybe ...or maybe not replied Eeyore.....  

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Member Admin this time of the year heading into Winter with the copious amount of bad news we're all currently exposed to as well it is quite depressing.....This morning I entered a contest on the website which I've belonged to for about 10 years ....The prompt for which was ...3 vignettes about depression....

Meanwhile checking out entries written by other poets for the same contest I found reading them...well...quite honestly...depressing...much to be expected I suppose so of course being me I had to buck the trend and come up with something entirely different hence.... 

Maybe..maybe not replied Eeyore gloomily

Thinking and writing about depression
is in itself a pretty depressing
thing to do
stated Susan
Fred nodding absentmindedly responded
If you say so Sue
It should come as no surprise
that an anagram
of the word depression is...
person dies
Do you think honey
is good for depression Eeyore?
asked Pooh
because if it is seems to me
I'd better open up another jar or two
Posted : October 1, 2020 8:52 pm
November 2020

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