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Linda Evans - Negative effects of Electro....  

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There seems no doubt at all due to the mounting research being done and published as to the extremely negative effects of EMFs aka electro magnetic fields......altho many have rushed to denounce as conspiracy theories the concerns about 5G masks spouting up everywhere.

When they first experimentally erected 5G masts ....flocks of birds flying overhead dropped dead out of the sky.

True or false?....Who can tell but clearly it would be in the best financial interests of the Telecommunication companies to whitewash clear evidence that the side-effects of their latest technological advances to both humans and animals are absolutely disastrous whereas what possible advantage it there to the numerous websites and groups of people worldwide who flag them up?

None whatsoever that I can see.

Therefore I urge you to make sure that you turn your internet router off every well as your not leave the TV on standby especially in your bedroom....or any electrical appliances switched on at the plug unless completely the fridge obviously.

These are simply sensible precautions....damage limitation.

Posted : September 26, 2020 10:35 am
October 2020

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