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Paul Pickering
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My favourite author is quite straightforward, although there are a number of authors that I admire and follow.  James Herbert is my favourite all time author.  I was hooked when a very good friend of mine lent me The Fog when I was 13.  This was James’s second novel written while he was still in full time employment at an advertising agency.  I was absorbed by the atmosphere he created and, as a 13 year old, the horror that went with the plot.  I have gone on to buy all of James’s books, adding First Editions and then signed copies to my collection over the years.  I have enjoyed all of his books and, before his death, looked forward with anticipation as the publishing date for a new novel approached. 

I was fortunate to meet him at a launch for his last book, Ash.  He signed a couple of books for me and we had the briefest of chats.  He was a lovely man who always had time for his fans.  He wrote to me once to apologise for being too unwell to attend a book signing.  I was an active member of the James Herbert Forum for a number of years and was on good emailing terms with his publishing editor at Macmillan.  So much so that he sent me an uncorrected proof copy of The Secret of Crickley Hall which was made into a three part drama series by the BBC.  James signed this copy for me at Foyles in London where I also got to meet his publishing editor, Jeremy Trevathan.

For all of these reasons James Herbert will remain my favourite author and is sadly missed.

Posted : April 28, 2020 2:26 pm
September 2020

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