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Hi All,

I am an Enablement and Employment Support Officer for one of the largest boroughs in London. There are a number of things I want to make you guys aware of when looking for work under our present environment, going into a lock down situation when many people are losing their jobs.

Firstly, be aware of duplication from many job sites advertising the same jobs, all it does is to fill up your email inbox, you can become confused of what jobs you have submitted as well as go through the arduous task of trying to find replies to a job application to see if you have an interview.

Watch out for nefarious companies requesting money for creating a professional CV for you, when you can get this done for free at your Job Centre or local Council. 

Remember that every job you apply for, your CV may sometimes need to be changed, for example if you are going for a job you have never done before. Your whole skill-set may need to be looked at regarding a word called "transferable skills".

One last thing take time to look at the job description and personal specification or don't apply for the job because you're wasting your time. In saying that, what will be part of your critical success and give you confidence, is knowing the "closing date" for the Job.


If you guys need any advice let me know.

David Henry


Topic starter Posted : November 25, 2020 1:38 pm
February 2021

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