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Acting One's Age  

Stephen Kearney
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Hi People Old, Ancient and the young at heart, 

Do you ever wonder about the way age treats people so differently - no, how people treat age so differently?  Are the foundations for what you become in later life laid way back in history when you were young? - assuming you were young in the first place.  

You see, I've met so many people who I just can't imagine ever having been young - at least not my idea of the state of youngness (yep, just invented that word).  They have gone straight from school to old age without any of the customary stops along the way.  These people remind me of that film where the beautiful young wife leaves the handsome, young and very rich husband for a broken down old actor.  The husband, utterly at a loss, asks for an explanation.  "Don't you get it" she shrieks at him, "you're an old man; when you were born, you were an old man!"

Outside my general experiences, you might be wondering what prompted this particular bout of reflection.  Sometime last week, I was watching a program on Marc Bolan, he of T-Rex fame - and if you don't know who T-Rex were you're on the wrong site.  As per standard practice for a bio-report, various band members, agents, producers, promoters, managers and all the other hangers-on, even some musicians, that seem to crawl - or were pulled - out of the woodwork for such occasions, had their say. In their individual appearances, most came across, both in looks and attitude as older versions of their young selves, still seeming to carry some life force within that suggested maybe a few possibilities still ahead.   

And then another guy had his say, an actual band member - or ex member.  I was stunned.  This symbol of the glitter rock era, of young fun, of freedom, of liberation, of excitement, of limitless possibilities, was now something else (and I'm not talking Eddie Cochran here).  His voice, his manner, his appearance and his delivery all made a statement.  While some of this could be put down to maybe unlucky natural  processes, his clothes, which could have come from a 1950s jumble sale, were pure choice.  He had chosen to be an old man! 

Whatever happened to the likely lads? 

Does anyone else recognise this phenomenon?  



Posted : July 8, 2020 5:56 pm
August 2020

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