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Cosmetic industry  

Pat Smith
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The cosmetic industry tries to entice us all into buying new, ever more expensive products...especially as we get older.....promising revitalised youthful looking skin, line free etc etc blah blah
I remember back in the day my mother favoured Elizabeth Arden make-up, Pond's cold cream and vaseline were always on her dressing table along with a beautiful cutglass silver topped container full of kirby grips which she would use nightly pinning her bobbed hair into curls criss-crossing one grip over another.
Personally my skin loves oil....I find most creams unsatisfactory these days.........Collagen? yeh great but take it in tablet form....let it work it's wonders from the inside out. Whenever I take it as a supplement I notice the difference almost immeiately in smoother, softer better hydrated skin.
So oils?.....Avocado....Argan....Macadamia nut.....a tiny amount in the palm of my hand goes a long long way gently caressed into my face and neck and not only feels fab but looks wonderful.....pumkin seed oil is also good and utterly delish drizzled onto pasta with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.....
These oils (preferably organic) are a fraction of the cost of commercial moisturisers and a bottle lasts for absolutely ages.
At this point I'd like to mention miraculous Black seed oil......
Black seed oil has been used for centuries in the middle is in fact cumin oil..... I could wax lyrical about this oil endlessly but suggest that you check it out yourself online....and there certainly are a massive number of sites exstolling it's virtues.
I'm not drawing your attention to this particularly in terms of it's value cosmetically altho it can of course be used on both the skin and hair to great effect.....basically there is nothing that this oil cannot do.
Using it topically is one thing but the benefits of taking it orally ...quite another. Firstly it substantially bolsters the immune system in not only humans but animals too when a teaspoonful of it is added to their food every day.....
Let me tell you a story about a dog....a very very special brown Labrador.
He was the oldest of three male Labradors owned by the actor Hugh Lawrie that I would often meet being walked around Belsize Park by his Lawrie's PA and because he spends much of his time in America they lived with her.
He was already 14/15 years old which for a large dog like a Labrador is already pretty amazing but tho slow and always laggng behind the other two he was pretty healthy then one day I saw them all and he was limping badly and really looked on his last legs. i suggested to the PA she started dosing him up on time i bumped into them he looked like a new dog.....sprightly. lively.
He lived until he was 17 !!!!! which by any standards is incredible and I'm asolutely convinced that the Black seed oil was key to his longevity.
I often stop people locally walking older dogs and recommend them to use it and to take it is not expensive check it out


Posted : June 30, 2020 10:21 am
August 2020

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