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Covid 19 and my par...
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Covid 19 and my paranoia  

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My doctor put me on statins a few months ago and for the first three months, everything was fine.  Then just after lockdown, I had a new prescription and since I have been taking these new tablets, my muscles have been  really painful, so much so that I thought I might have caught COVID 19, because apparently muscle ache is one indicator that you might have it.  In any-case, I stopped taking this new prescription a day or so ago and my muscles feel fine now, to the point where I've just  walked up a very steep hill for my daily exercise.  Just goes to show how paranoid you can get in this crises. I wonder how many other people are struggling with this state of needing to self diagnose every time we sneeze or cough nowadays.  

Posted : 12/05/2020 1:36 pm
May 2020

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