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Conspiracy theories- By Barry Goddard  

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Conspiracy theories often chuck in legitimate concerns such as 5G, big pharma and vaccination, and this lends a kind of plausibility to the hogwash they then come out with, when eg casting Bill Gates as an evil billionaire who wants to control people with 5G networks, via microchips implanted in their bodies through mandatory vaccination. Or the deliberation bio-engineering of coronavirus in order to control the world. They are ‘truthy’, as academic analysts of conspiracy theory call this element. So when you question people’s ‘liking’ of this nonsense, and the ‘courageous’ and ‘independent minded’ person who has posted it, you are likely to meet the defence that legitimate concerns such as 5G, big pharma and vaccines are being raised. And I think it shows how easily basic logic, and basic reality, can be put to one side when we want, for whatever reason, to believe something.

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Posted : 16/05/2020 11:12 pm
May 2020

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