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Diversity Radio aims to impact positively on the practice and the structure of services, in order to inspire a culture shift.”   — Nashiru Momori  Diversity Radio & Real Insight Founder

Transgender issues

Scary times for trans people "The Trans Persecution Bill: The ultimate silencing of trans people Rose Gold It will not have escaped the attention of many that the consultation on trans equality, which was 70% in favour of trans people’s equality, but was then ignored...

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https://youtu.be/JLCs4q136qE I remember dancing to this in the day. Still do now. The bee Gees music will go on forever

What a great great album this is, and what a super concert https://youtu.be/ImlFp6QOZRU

Its easy to use this forum. All you have to do is: sign up, make sure you’re on the get active section and post something. Its as easy as this.

October 2021


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