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Welcome to our interactive  community forum. The online cafe society, created by people who are 50 plus, for our generation. If you want to engage in building an online community of like-minded ambitious people, then look no further. Scroll down to search  for the right job for your age and experience, access information on training for new employment opportunities, use the NHS and other services to get information on how to keep optimum health, listen to music, share photography and recipes, find your favourite restaurant through our restaurant guide, discover new wines, get legal information and much more. So grab some food, a cup of tea, coffee, or your favourite beverage and join our online community for your next inspirational journey. Scroll down through the pages to find what most interests you.

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Cave man making a wheel

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Its easy to use this forum. All you have to do is: sign up, make sure you’re on the get active section and post something. Its as easy as this.

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