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Latest updates

Just been posting some music in the music page. Welcome to have a listen

I have discovered ‘Exercise’! There is no mention in any of the Lifestyle headings about ‘Exercise’. This should be part of 50plusonlinecafe topics. So important!

Live Music

Now that we can get back to enjoying live music, is there anyone you really want to see or already have tickets to see this year? I will be seeing Eagles at Hyde Park at the end of June. One of my favourite bands that I have never seen before and am very much looking forward to seeing play live.

How was your weekend?

I was saving cats on Saturday helping out at our local Cats Protection bazaar. Then on Sunday I was painting all of the wood in sight with wood stain/preserver – table & chairs, bench, door frames. Only gets done once every couple of years but a good job to get out of the way!

Does anyone have any super recipes to share?

February 2024


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