As we get older, it is important to be aware of our health and wellbeing so that we can have loger more fullfilling lives

Enjoying life to the fullest

Health & Wellbeing

Looking after our wellbeing

Here is your opportunity to make use of some of the exercise programs and healthy living ideas available to you

Understanding the importance of hugs

Nadine Redlich Our bodies are designed to respond to touch, and not just to sense the environment around us. We actually have a network of dedicated nerve fibers in our skin that detect and emotionally respond to the touch of another person — affirming our...

Royal Free Hospital – Appeal

Forward - 50plus online cafe An emergency fund to support our staff through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis has been launched by the Royal Free Charity. Many Royal Free London (RFL) staff are now caring for patients with coronavirus. Others are looking after...

Latest updates I remember dancing to this in the day. Still do now. The bee Gees music will go on forever

What a great great album this is, and what a super concert

May 2022


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