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There’s a reason book clubs are popping up everywhere at the moment. There’s nothing like an intelligent online conversation with your friends.

Here is an opportunity to join our book club and share your views on some of the books you’ve read.  More to come on this page. Click the book reviews and comments link below to begin the conversation.
Book - The Stand by Stephen King

Book club recommendation for June 2020 - By Mike Farrell

Stephen king is a story teller of exquisite skill.

His book The Stand is 1,300 pages plus, but each of those pages will enthrall you.

This book was written in 1978 and is considered by very many to be his finest work although each and every one of his books which are numerous, is at the best exquisite and at the worst enjoyably readable

The Stand (almost prophetic for our present times), is set in a post apocalyptic world, where 99% of humanity has been wiped out by a virus known as “Captain Tripps”

The cast of characters is huge, but such is King’s perceptive understanding of human nature, that
we fully engage with each character and the way in which they interact with every other character,
on their journey in this frightening new existence.

The survivors are drawn into two groups, either for good or evil.

Their choices are determined by dream or happenstance. The two groups cannot co- exist and inevitably there has to be a resolution of the status.

This will determine how humanity develops into the future.

The outcome is settled by and at the time of “THE STAND” when humanity will make a choice between good and evil, or will it?

I promise that you will want to find out more and will be sorry when finally you finish this book, although it’s themes will resonate with you long after. You’ll be saddened when this journey concludes and you will want to revisit time and time again.

Mike Farrell

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Do you have a favourite book?

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Book Club Recommendation for May 2020- Barry Godard

The Hunter-Gatherer Way by Ffyona Campbell

This is an extraordinary short book. Having walked around the world as a young woman the author, Ffyona Campbell, decided to try to find out what it would mean to live as a hunter-gatherer in England. Somewhat surprisingly, she found it took her about 30 minutes a day to gather from the wild the food she needed for her family. The book explores a host of original reflections and observations on how humans are designed to function and flourish in the natural world. It also advocates that we no longer have the confidence that this is possible and argues that this undermines our relationship with the natural world and with ourselves. This book will change the way you think. It’s required reading for all Shamans!


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