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There’s a reason book clubs are popping up everywhere at the moment. There’s nothing like an intelligent online conversation with your friends.

Here is an opportunity to join our book club and share your views on some of the books you’ve read.  More to come on this page. Click the book reviews and comments link below to begin the conversation.

We feature one book per month in this place of prominence. Older reviews can be found by scrolling down the page and clicking on the appropriate writer’s name

Book: How to be wrong - the art of changing your mind

Review by:  Stephen Kearney

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Book: How to be wrong - the art of changing your mind
Book Reflections from a bookshopf
book review. The Ministry of Bodies
book review. The Ministry of Bodies
Book review - The graveyard by Neil Gaiman
looking for America, book cover
Book cover Human kind 50plusonlinecafe
Book cover - The railway man
George Orwell book title, coming up for air
book cover - nervous state, by William Davies
Book cover - seeds of Doubt
book cover poverty safari
Book - The Stand by Stephen King
book cub 50plus online cafe

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