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Linda’s poem – Om……

Om.... I am here but where here is I have no idea absolutely none and I am not me altho as yet I do not know what I have become I am waiting for the mist to clear so I can see that which lies ahead of me suddenly I am aware of a perfumed breeze ruffling my hair hear...

Linda’s poem

Too too much to take Talking to women with high pitched voices for any length of time having to deal with someone quoting facts and figures when settling up a questionable bill both of the above quite frankly make me feel ill trapped holding the phone then suddenly...

Linda- Life Moves On

Life moves on..... Dawn rises, night falls time speeds then slows meanwhile everyone wonders where on earth it goes winds change direction God's love is absolute from heaven rain descends enabling seeds to root tiny saplings grow into mighty trees with outstretched...

COVID19 and herd immunity

If the principle of herd immunity didn't work before and ended up killing so many people, why would it be any different now? and its especially worrying that this herd immunity is very much focused on young children and toddlers who have no idea about the principle of...

August 2020

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