Barry Goddard - Shaman - Writer

Barry Goddard - Shaman - Writer

Barry Goddard -Wearing a mask

It's been some time since I wore a mask. To start with, it was a bit of a leap. Now it seems entirely natural. The shop assistants, barefaced, are necessarily complicit. It's not a big deal. No one has said anything, though I am usually the only one. In the...

Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche

This link is primarily for women, but as a man I also find it very interesting. Toni Wolff was Jung's lover and collaborator. The 4 elements of the Medicine Wheel - Air, Water, Fire and Earth - correspond closely to Jung's typology of Thinking, Feeling, Intuition and...

Latest updates I remember dancing to this in the day. Still do now. The bee Gees music will go on forever

What a great great album this is, and what a super concert

January 2022


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