Barry Goddard - Shaman - Writer

Barry Goddard - Shaman - Writer

Barry Goddard -Wearing a mask

It's been some time since I wore a mask. To start with, it was a bit of a leap. Now it seems entirely natural. The shop assistants, barefaced, are necessarily complicit. It's not a big deal. No one has said anything, though I am usually the only one. In the...

Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche

This link is primarily for women, but as a man I also find it very interesting. Toni Wolff was Jung's lover and collaborator. The 4 elements of the Medicine Wheel - Air, Water, Fire and Earth - correspond closely to Jung's typology of Thinking, Feeling, Intuition and...

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We are forgetting that there are still so many other issues that we have to look at, in addition to the COVID crises

People are still deciding about whether to take the vaccine. It is such a difficult decision for some people

@Dawn and I are looking at the new system

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