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Stephen Kearney’s article – My first Chinese

My First Chinese by  Stephen Kearney   “Would you like a meal?” asked the manager, as I stood there on the work surface,  tools in hand, my face streaked in cooking oil as I told him the job was completed.  Suddenly I was on the spot – in addition to being on the...

Stephen Kearney – The day my universe changed

The  Day My Universe Changed by Stephen Kearney  It happened on a fine August day in 1968.  I was waiting at a bus-stop in Ballsbridge, an up-market Dublin suburb,  on the last leg of the journey, returning home from a seemingly healthy, (apart from smoking), camping...

Stephen Kearney – Standing up

Standing Up by Stephen Kearney   At what stage do we develop self-perception?   When do we learn to see ourselves in relation to others?  Was I an early starter?  By the age of six I knew I was weak.  I was weak as in physically lacking strength but I was not a...

Stephen Kearney – Another Kind of Noise

  Living on a council estate (sorry, ex local authority estate, to give it its proper standing in estate agent parlance) inures you to a lot.  If you were to retain the carefully nurtured middle class sensibilities of leafy suburbia, you’d never get a night’s...

February 2021

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