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He says he would prefer to be referred to as ‘some guy’

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Stephen Kearney’s article – My first Chinese

Stephen Kearney describes his trauma at having to face one of his life’s great terrors – eating foreign food!! ............... "Would you like a meal?” asked the manager, as I stood there on the work surface,  tools in hand, my face streaked in cooking oil as I told...

Stephen Kearney – Standing up

  Stephen Kearney grew up knowing that he was weak; not a physical weakling as such, just weaker that than all the other boys.  But he hid it well and long until he was outed at the age of 33................. At what stage do we develop self-perception?   When do...

Stephen Kearney – Another Kind of Noise

  Something woke up Stephen Kearney in the middle of the night.  Yep, something went bump (off) in the night which woke him up but he didn’t know what it was.  He knew the next morning, though – and it was pretty grizzly!!.......    Living on a council...

Stephen Kearney – Confounding the conditioning

Confounding the Conditioning By Stephen Kearney Stephen Kearney grew up knowing that girls didn’t like him.  He was just plain unattractive to the female of the species.  He liked women alright, but they didn’t like him.  It was just too bad, but that’s the hand he’d...

Latest updates I remember dancing to this in the day. Still do now. The bee Gees music will go on forever

What a great great album this is, and what a super concert

May 2022


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