Linda's story about her pet Buster

Just because I know how devastating it is when a beloved pet dies I wanted to share with you this incredible story …which is absolutely true and if you have lost a dog or cat recently I really hope this helps…


Buster was cat extraordinaire

towards the end of his life
often curled up next to me
in his favourite chair
quietly purring along
as I sang him this song
I can see you in the sky
crystal rainbows in your eye
you’ve been into meditation, levitation
now you’re flying…..
the dreadful day arrived
and heart brokenly we
solemnly but with sweet ceremony
tenderly laid Buster to rest
in the back garden
beneath his favourite tree

early next morning
just as dawn was dawning
bleakly stumbling down into the kitchen
to my utter astonishment
I saw….

on the front of the cupboard door
below the sink
two rainbows, one intersecting the other
creating a vibrantly shimmering eye

needless to say
not even in my wildest dreams
could I have imagined

it was
incredible beyond belief
and even though
it happened so very, long ago
I recall it as if it was yesterday

for the memory
of that miraculous manifestation
could never, ever
in a million years

fade away.

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