dandelion heartLife is like a book  
Chapters end…new ones begin.
Not always an easy process to come to terms with.
Reading a book I’d often flick to the last page just to check that there was a happy ending….in real life there often isn’t which is very challenging because we all long for a happy ending don’t we unless we’re masochistic of course
Currently I feel my sanity hangs by a thread….a very frayed one…..drinking too much……overdosing on fear…..nearly 70 years old …living alone with my two cats Gremlin and Ping….messy flat…. Belsize Park…..lived here for 42 years….an artist, songwriter, poet since I was seven…..
Need to see a dentist because one of my few remaining teeth at the back needs to be extracted…..terrified about the prospect of.being told false teeth is the best option left …in a mouth suffering the ravages of having smoked cigarettes for so many years a breeding ground for disaster.
Desperately trying to recall what joy feels like and fun…?
let’s sweep that all to one side because it’s a lovely day…..let not thoughts of Coronavirus get in the way……forget watching the news…make myself some cold avocado soup which takes no time at all as long as one has the ingredients to hand…
One ripe avocado
a small cup of water same of single cream
teaspoonful of vegetable bouillon
juice of freshly squeezed lemon
decent shake of Lea and Perrins
salt and pepper.

liquidise….finished texture should be pale green and slightly gloopy.
resisit temptation to pop down to Tesco’s and purchase another bottle of Cava.

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