dandelion heartSome people are feeling productive, others are collapsed on the floor. Some people have relaxed deeply into this pause, others are fighting for their lives. Some people are frightened, others are bored. Some people believe the narrative, others want to rip away the veil. Some use herbs, others prescriptions. Some believe statistics, others trust intuition. Some have plenty to say, others are lost for words. There are those who want to reopen the world, while others want to stay at home. Some are fighting, some are falling. Some see a hero, others a villain. Some will return to their lives, for others, life will never be the same. Some are angry, some are sad. Some are yearning, some are glad. Some have lost loved ones, others have rekindled relationships. Some struggle, others sail. Some are holding on, others, letting go. Some are truth-seekers, others home-makers. Some are alone, some have support. Some are feeling, some are numb.
There are no “shoulds” in this scenario. There is no one right way to be living through this experience. Compassion and non-judgement begins with self. Can I come in and acknowledge where I am at? Can I sit with that? Can I be honest with myself? Just for this moment, can I surrender to reality? Just for this day, can I welcome acceptance without judgement?
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